AKoff Music Composer

AKoff Music Composer 2

Software to create a musical composition from wave to Midi via Polyphonic sound

The AKoff Music Composer software program makes it easy for you to create your own musical composition. It changes wave to Midi files. The AKoff Music Composer can easily hear any polyphonic music that comes from a microphone or in any wave input and file.

After the recognition process, it converts the sound to Midi sequences. The AKoff Music Composer makes composing simple and enjoyable. All you have to do is whistle, sing a tune, play a musical instrument like piano, guitar, flute or anything that can be played on a microphone.

Once the tune is picked up, it is immediately converted to Midi and right before you, a new musical score is created in standard Midi sequence.

The AKoff Music Composer can easily be used even if you don't have a Midi keyboard or any exposure to music writing. All you will need is a musical interest and the ability to carry a tune to create something unique with this program.